Solar Panel Installation Manchester

At Agenda Electrical, our team is here to help energy conscious homeowners and landlords across the Manchester area. We specialise in the design and installation of solar PV systems, helping you to achieve your energy efficiency goals

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Our solar panel installation services

Choosing whether or not to invest in solar energy isn’t always an easy choice. Thankfully, our solar installation services could not be easier and we’re here to help you every step of the way. 

Our services always start with an initial no-obligation, free consultation. During the consultation, our aim is to establish whether or not your property is suitable for solar installation. Feel free to ask any questions you’d like during this time; after all, it is important you understand how the panels work and how they may affect your energy bills.

Next, we will conduct a technical survey which will help us to determine whether or not your roof is suitable for the panels. We will also draw up guidelines for our engineers to follow during the installation.

The final step is the installation of the panels. Our team of professional engineers will install the panels, as well as the inverter and battery storage.

Areas we can install solar panels

We cover a wide range of areas across the Manchester area, including:

  • Altrincham
  • Atherton
  • Castlefield
  • Eccles
  • Failsworth
  • Kearsley
  • Oldham
  • Salford

Why choose Agenda Electrical?

At Agenda Electrical, we have been installing solar panels in and around Manchester since 2010. Our goal has and will always be helping environmentally conscious home and commercial property owners reduce their energy bills and become more energy efficient. 

We only ever install the highest quality solar products and our customers are always at the top of our priorities. We are also experts in Battery Storage solutions that connect to both your Solar Array and the grid. 

We are experts in solar and renewable energy and we are with you right from designing your solar panel system, to the installation and to providing any additional maintenance work that may be required. 

If you’re interested in installing solar panels on your home or business property, get in touch and we can discuss the best solution and products for you.


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