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What is Surge Protection?

Electrical supplies into our homes and businesses are normally at a consistent level. From time to time, things happen within the electrical supply that cause the voltage to increase, usually just for a second or two. This short increase in voltage is known as a surge.​

Our electrical appliances, gadgets and machinery are designed to operate on a consistent voltage and these surges can over time, wear and damage components in them leading to failure.​

Surge protection is designed to absorb these electrical surges before they reach our appliances, so that they are not damaged.

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Why do I need Surge Protection in my home?

According to regulations, it is only a recommendation that surge protection be fitted in domestic properties, it is not mandatory. So why have it fitted i hear you say? 

Well its simple really...Every single household has electrical appliances of some kind, whether it be a kettle, microwave, TV or on a much bigger scale, cinema room or electric gates. All of these have a value and all are at risk of being damaged by electrical surges.​

Lost of people use surge protection already, in the form of small extension leads like the one shown in the image below. The problem with these is that they only offer protection for one or two devices such as a computer and a printer or a TV and games console. The fit these to all of your valuable appliances is not only costly and unsightly, but for some appliances such as fridge freezers and dishwashers, its almost impossible.

As technology moves on, electrical appliances and gadgets are getting smaller, and the components inside them are smaller and more susceptible to damage caused by electrical surges. If you add up the cost of all your appliances and gadgets together, or even just your flat screen TV, then it really is worth investing in surge protection for all of these items.

Our domestic Surge Protection Device

We install a 'Domestic Surge Arrester' in your consumer unit which means that all of your electrical appliances are protected, because this device protects all of the circuits in your house.

​The compact device combines double pole protection in a single module making it easier to install in a domestic property without any major disruption.

These devices have a visual indicator on the front which indicate when they need replacing. Typically, these will last 10 or 11 years before they need to be swapped out for a new one.

​As well as retro-fitting these devices into existing installations, they are the perfect add-on for anyone having a new consumer unit fitted or having a re-wire.

Starting at only £150.00, this is a small investment to add protection for all of your appliances and gadgets.

For a free survey and a very competitive quote, get in touch with us today to find out more.

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Why do I need Surge Protection for my business?

  1. Surge protectors stop power system issues – High levels of electrical usage are expected in a business environment. However, if your commercial building doesn’t have a proper flow of electricity, you can expect fuses to blow out, along with other problems. Commercial surge protectors regulate the flow of power, helping your circuits function more reliably.
  2. Surge protectors help you avoid damage from sudden power surges – One of the most important functions of a surge protector is in its name. These devices protect your equipment and your facility in the event of a power surge. They also come in handy during a lightning storm.
  3. Surge protectors help your events run smoothly – Nothing’s worse than having a business event go south due to an electrical issue. A surge protector helps make sure that electricity is running as it should to all of the equipment you’re using for your event. Keep your audience’s focus on the event itself, not on embarrassing electrical issues.
  4. Surge protectors save your business equipment – Your business relies on equipment that’s powered by electricity. Without a commercial surge protector, you’re putting all of your expensive devices at risk. Computers, monitors, alarms, telephone systems, and manufacturing equipment are just a few of the things that can be damaged by a power surge or lightning strike. Make a smart investment in surge protectors and save these pieces of equipment that are vital to your business.

For commercial installations, a surge protection device (SPD) should be fitted if the consequences caused by an overvoltage result in:

  • Serious injury
  • Interruption of public services and/or damage to cultural heritage
  • Interruption of commercial or industry activity
  • A large number of co-located individuals being affected.

For an installation outside this, a risk assessment according to Regulation 443.5 will determine if protection against transient overvoltages is required.


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